Integrate with major marketplaces and grow your business. Without compromising on customer experience.


      Due to last nights announcement, our staff members are now working from home, meaning any calls or emails may not be answered immediately. We will try our best to ensure any queries or problems are taken care of.  Please bear with us during this time, thank you for your understanding.


      At Virtual Logistics we understand that outsourcing order fulfilment is not an easy decision to make. Growing your business without compromising on customer experience can be a real challenge. 

      That’s why we’ve made the whole third party logistics process as easy as possible. 

      It’s your brand, so you remain in complete control. And we’ll treat your customers with as much respect as you do.

      We’ve been moving boxes around the world for over 20 years.

      Store, pack, ship – it’s what our friendly team are experts at.

      Whether you’ve got an order backlog, need more space or can’t cope at peak times, we’ll pick up the slack.

      Our out-of-the-box solution imports your product to online retailers including Amazon and eBay with just one click.

      We will fulfil your orders and provide after-sales care without your customers ever knowing that we’re involved.

      We can integrate existing eCommerce websites into our systems and start shipping your products in less than a day.

      Our fully flexible pricing allows you to pick and choose which services you need, right when you need them.

      Don’t just take our word for it. Read our testimonials to see how one client grew their business by 269% in our first 9 months of partnership!



      We integrate your eCommerce platform into ours. Products are then mapped, ready to be pushed out to online marketplaces.


      We receive your goods at our warehouse. They are inspected and any delivery discrepancies are reported to you.


      Within 3 hours of receipt, your goods are put away in the appropriate location in our environmentally-controlled warehouse.


      As soon as an order is completed on any of your online sales channels, we get an instant notification in our system.


      Our warehouse management system immediately removes the order products from your online inventory.


      Our pickers use our sophisticated software to quickly locate the order items and cross-check them for accuracy.


      We pack the whole order using the packaging, labelling and any other customisation that you have specified.


      All orders received by 3pm are guaranteed to be shipped the same day, using the delivery method you have chosen.


      In addition to swift delivery, we can also help keep your customers happy with our friendly, efficient after-sales services.

      Third party logistics made easy

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      Integrate with major marketplaces
      and grow your business. Without
      compromising on customer experience.
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